Development of UNY international cooperation network through poetry workshop and signing of cooperation document with Michigan State University


UNY Graduate School encourages the development of cooperation networks with global partners. One of the implementations of this visit was realized through UNY's participation in various activities in the fields of education and arts. UNY, represented by Deputy Director II, Dr. Widyastuti Purbani, M.A. attended the Poetry Workshop at Michigan State University (MSU) as well as signed an Implementation Agreement aimed at strengthening cooperation between the two institutions.

The Poetry Workshop at MSU, which was attended by various artists and academics, became a forum rich in inspiration and reflection on poetry. Widyastuti utilized this opportunity to explore aspects of art in the world of advanced education, as well as collaborate with art and literature experts from various parts of the world.
On the same occasion, Widyastuti forged a closer partnership with MSU by signing an Implementation Agreement. This agreement is designed to expand cooperation in various fields, including academic exchange, joint research, and study program development. "Participation in the Poetry Workshop at MSU was a wonderful experience, reminding us of the richness of art and the diversity of creativity around the world. On the same occasion, the signing of the Implementation Agreement became an important milestone in strengthening the cooperation between UNY and MSU," said Widyastuti again.

This Implementation Agreement provides a clear legal and operational basis for cooperation between UNY and MSU. In addition, this agreement is expected to open new opportunities for student exchanges, joint training, and mutually beneficial research projects.

Prof. Laura Apol, Ph.D who was also present at the signing ceremony, welcomed the move and stated, 'We hope that this cooperation will become a foundation for the exchange of knowledge and experience between the two institutions." By engaging in inspiring poetry workshops and strengthening the global partnership with MSU, UNY and MSU are committed to broadening the horizons and providing more valuable experiences for their students and academics. This is a tangible step in building bridges between two different academic cultures, creating a space for the exchange of ideas and innovations. (Writer: Anton, Editor: Dedy, Tj.lak)

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