A face mask is one of natural skin care methods, particularly for whitening, smoothing as well as moisturizing face. Up to these days, face masks are still highly demanded by public in general, particularly women for facial care and maintaining appearance. In addition to face masks, several other face care products have persistently produced with variations in the ingredients used, namely Yam bean, rice, chocolates, and much more. The ingredients must come from nature that provide a lot of benefits and minimize side effects. However, it is pity to read news that several face and skin care products including mask circulating on the market contain harsh chemicals; therefore, a group of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) students namely Ujang Herlan Permana from Mathematics Education, Desi Novi Dayana from Physics, Luthfi Nurlaily and Karyati from Accounting Education, and Chatarina Ayu from Accounting, invented natural-based masks from egg shells.

According to Ujang Herlan Permana, egg shells have calciums and mineral necessary for skin care in particular to whiten and make the skin look brighter. "In everyday life, the use of chicken eggs are very plentiful," said Jeremy "the large number of types of cuisine that uses chicken eggs resulted in an increase in the amount the shell eggs". Then, the idea came out to utilize the waste while enhancing the economic value of egg shells. Luthfi Nurlaily added that the skin needs some vitamins such as vitamin A to stimulate the body to produce new skin cells, vitamin C to produce collagen, a protein indispensable in making the skin elastic, firm, and free of wrinkles, and vitamin E to maintain the unity of the skin tissue. "Egg shells have a good absorption, as in the structure of the pores, CaCO3, and protein glycosaminoglycans which can be developed into adsorbents", he ascertained “It also has varying benefits, one of which is for skin care".

To make the face mask called the cream cate (cream from egg shells) is quite simple. Chatarina Ayu explained that the ingredients used are eggshells that have been sterilized, talc, glycerin, propylene glycol, carboxy methyl cellulose, aromatherapy, rice flour and water. Egg shells are smoothened then mixed with the materials. This dough will form cream ready-packaged in a bottle. One of users of this product, Sis Nurul said that after using the crem, her face turns into acne free. Meanwhile Irenna Puspitaningratri gave testimony that after using the cream cate, she got fresh face, her skin becomes firmer and smoother. This creative product won the grant from Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education in the field of entrepreneurship.(Dedy)

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