UNY opens Zheng College Program Project Opportunities with JVIAT and Jiangsu Province


UNY signed the Implementation of Academic Cooperation with Jiangshu Polytechnic Institute. The UNY delegation led by the Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, M.Kes., AIFO. The event was recently attended by the President of Jiangshu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology, Head of JVIAT International Office, PiC Zheng He College Program for Asia. While from Indonesia, it was represented by the Director of SEAMEO, BBGP of  Banten Province and the representative of the Ministry of Education.

The activity is the implementation of academic cooperation for the Zheng He College program, which aims to build smart cities and develop human resources in collaboration with JVIAT and the Jangshu Government. "Currently, the Zheng He Project has spread to more than 100 countries in the world, and Indonesia is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that received assistance from the Zheng He college program," said Prof. Siswantoyo.
The President of JVIAT conveyed the details of the program that has been carried out for 3 years together with partners. Some special requirements are needed such as cooperation with local governments (local), development of human resources for lecturers, development of human resources for education personnel, students, and infrastructure development towards smart cities. "He said.
Zhenghe or known as the Indonesian version of Cheng Ho is one of the important figures in the history of China's struggle in the past. Cheng Ho is a Muslim figure in China who has successfully traveled to the archipelago and established several places of worship. By the Chinese government, Cheng Ho is one of the heroes whose services are inseparable from the country's progress to this day.
The discussion ended with lunch by the leaders of JVIAT, UNY, and the Ministry of Education and Culture. UNY has prepared itself to formulate the implementation of academic cooperation with JVIAT and the Jiangsu Government in the Zheng He project, which will be implemented in the near future through various joint activities. The successful achievement of this program is fully supported by the Expert Staff of the Vice Chancellor for Implementation of academic cooperation, publications, rankings and Income Generating.(Author: Faqih Ma'arif, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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