Promoting Cassava Cream Puff that Fits in with Youngster's Taste


Cassava (Manihot esculenta) is an abundant food ingredient in Indonesia. The tubers of this plant are usually boiled, fried, or processed into tapai. However, Nurhuda Ihram Faihan, a student of UNY's Applied Culinary Study Program, managed to process this food ingredient into Cream Puff Cassava with a millennial style.

Nurhuda made cream puffs from cassava flour because of several positive benefits. Naturally, cassava flour can be a source of energy. In addition, sufficient consumption increases body immunity, supporting digestion, accelerating cell regeneration, and anti-aging. These various benefits make processed cassava flour has the potential to be part of a healthy diet menu.

Modifying cream puff using cassava flour is part of Nurhuda's efforts to promote cassava flour as an alternative to wheat flour. It will enrich the diversity of food ingredients and improve cassava farmers' welfare in Indonesia.

Coordinator of the UNY's Applied Culinary Study Program, Prihastuti, Ekawatiningsih, M.Pd, said that the student's work in cassava cream puff was aimed at raising the potential of local food ingredients in the national level so that it was widely known. "Because of the lack of innovation in local food products, the resulting products are not in demand," she said. Therefore, UNY's Applied Culinary Study Program held a food festival using local ingredients to support sustainable food security. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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