Information Technology Team of division 2 Technology Engineering UKM (Student Activity Units), State University of Yogyakarta (YSU) successfully won two gold medals in the International Invention and Innovative Competition (InIIC) organized by State Library of Malaysia in cooperation with University of Malaya and MNNF.

The event was held on 6-7 May 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For this event, UNY flew 2 teams to compete.

Team 1 consisted of Hernawan Prabowo (Electronics Engineering Education), Deni Kurnianto Nugroho (Informatics Engineering Education), Anjasmoro Adi Nugroho (Informatics Engineering Education), Rifaldy Fajar (Mathematics) and Thifli Habibi Nur Salim Nava (Natural Sciences Education).

Whereas Team 2 consisted of Singgih Bekti Worsito (Mechatronics Engineering Education), Hernawan Prabowo (Electronics Engineering Education), Linda Noviasari (Electronics Engineering Education), Lailaturrahmi Ramadhani (Hospitality Engineering Education) and Lina Ambarwati (English Education). Both teams succeeded in achieving two gold medals.

The event was attended by more than 150 inventors from several countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, India, Korea and several other countries. There were four categories assessed, including Professional Education & Social Science, Professional Science & Engineering, Higher Institution Students and School Student.

Singgih, one of the team members, said that in this competition there were competitors who are lecturers, activists and practitioners who are already experts in their field. "Even more, our team was one of the youngest teams among the other contestants," Singgih recalled.

Singgih also said that this contest’s concept was presentation and exhibition, where all participants were given facilities in the form of a booth to deploy the product. "The instruments that must be provided in this event were posters, articles, innovation products, and other supporting instruments such as photos of tools and supporting certificates," he added.

"The judging is done by assessing how the presentation was conducted and through the question-answer session using English done by two judges, about the description of the work, production cost, implementation, and potential patent," he continued.

Meanwhile, Linda Noviasari explained that the pursuit of an achievement is not an easy thing for the team. "The struggle starts from the search of events, the process of abstract submission, the preparation of proposals, the making of tools, experiments and validation from the experts, lecturers, to various presentations that all can’t be done without sacrificing time, effort and cost," she said.

"We are very grateful for this achievement, we express our gratitude to all those who have supported and prayed for us, and hopefully this kind of event will be useful to participants, related to the international competition and to the community, related to the implementation of the products made by the students," Linda concluded (Linda/hryo).

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