There are 3 kind of research schemes namely basic research, applied research and development research. The substance of the research covers areas of focus, themes and topics that refer to the national research priorities 2020-2024 namely food, energy, drug health, transportation, engineering, defense and security, maritime affairs, social humanities, arts and culture, education and multidisciplinary research fields and cross sector. As stated by Ocky Karna Rajasa, Director of Research and Community Service Directorate General of Research and Development Strengthening Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education in a workshop on the preparation of research proposals and PPM at LPPM UNY, Friday (2/8). The Professor of Diponegoro University said that the expected output from basic research is the publication of indexed international journals, books or international seminar proceedings. "In applied research, it is expected that there are copyright or product patents," said Ocky Karna Rajasa. However, in developing research there is a need for an industry-worthy prototype, a feasibility study document or a policy paper that will be approved. It was also revealed that the proposal for the research proposal was initiated by filling in the identity of the composer and the proposal, filling out the proposal and approval.

This activity was attended by 200 UNY lecturers from all faculties. UNY Rector, Sutrisna Wibawa said that research is part of the main task of lecturers. "Hopefully the research theme carried out in accordance with the UNY roadmap. So that the results of our research can be the future development of UNY according to the national research design," said Sutrisna Wibawa.

According to the Rector, the main output of research in the form of a journal will serve to disseminate and reputation of the university. If the journals are indexed, the university's reputation will increase. Joint research with other universities that will produce publications and scholarships is also prioritized, including research as part of achieving international programs. LPPM Chairperson UNY, Suyanta said the workshop was a good moment in the hope that the amount of research funding would also increase and research results could also be published in Sinlitabmas. "Every year the LPPM UNY performance indicators are increasing with the achievement of research in the 13th rank of national and PPM number 7 nationally," Suyanta said. UNY continues to strive for better and more research. (Dedy)

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