Inobike UNY: an electric bicycle innovated by UNY students


Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta(UNY) students have successfully made an electric bicycle named "Inobike UNY". This bicycle can travel up to 40 kilometers (km) with charging for approximately 2 hours. The INOBIKE UNY bicycle is an early example of research integrated with learning and community service. "This work is a manifestation of the triple helix ABG collaboration, namely Academic with UNY as a provider of research concepts and human resources, Business with industry as a business actor who delivers innovations, and Government with the government as a regulator," said Head of the UNY Mechanical Engineering Education Department, Dr. Apri Nuryanto after the Handover of the Inobike UNY Bicycle Research Downstreaming Program on the Karangmalang campus in Yogyakarta, Friday (31/12/2021). Inobike UNY results from UNY's collaboration with C Maxi Alloycast and ED Aluminum.

At first glance, this electric bicycle is no different from other bicycles but is equipped with a pedal assist feature that, when pedaled, makes the bicycle move faster. The drive dynamo uses a Hi-Speed BLDC 36V 350 W and Lithium-Ion 36V 6.4Ah 230Wh Battery. The battery-driven engine automatically works to push the bike faster, helping cyclists not to get tired. "However, the pedal assist system can work well for sloping road tracks instead of climbs," Apri explained.

"On the handlebar of the bicycle, there is an LCD to adjust the speed with five levels of speed," said Dr. Apri.

The bicycle designed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering UNY students also weighs less than an ordinary bicycle. This electric bicycle is part of 143 bicycles made by the students. As many as 13 are electric bicycles; the rest are manual and premium-type bicycles. The students do all the processes of making this bicycle, from the frame design, cast, weld, and cut to the painting process.

Inobike UNY is still being used internally on campus. However, it does not rule out the possibility of this bicycle being thrown into the market. Regarding the price, Apri said there are several types: the standard type is Rp 4.7 million, the premium type is Rp 5.5 million, and the electric bike type is Rp 10.4 million. "What distinguishes each type of course is the material and specifications, and we are currently making a manual book for each type so that it can be marketed widely," said Apri.

The launching of Inobike was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering UNY, Prof. Herman Dwi Surjono, Ph.D. and the Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) UNY, Prof. Dr. Samsul Hadi. Also present were some lecturers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering Education UNY and ED Aluminum's ranks, Bambang Cahyana, Wedi Santoso and Kamiarto from C-Maxi Alloycast.

Apri added that this project is an increase in industrial competitiveness through innovations produced through research in collaboration with UNY to increase the nation's economic growth. (hryo, Tj.Lak)

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