Sports Professor from University of Seville, Spain Shares Knowledge with UNY Students


Students of the Department of Sport Science and the Department of Sport Education UNY had the opportunity to learn directly with two Sports Professors from the University of Seville, Spain. In the first session, Prof. Luis Carrasco Paez, Ph.D. gave a lecture on "Sports Physiology". For the second session, Prof. Francis Ries, Ph.D. gave a lecture on "Physical Education for Elementary and Secondary Teachers".

Prof. Luis Carrasco Paez, Ph.D. in a lecture for UNY master and doctor students, stated that the opportunities for research collaboration in sports are pretty vast. Related to "Exercise, Cognition and Mental Health: The Muscle-Brain Crosstalk" and "Physical Education", one example of this research can be applied to cases of Parkinson's disease and autism. Luis emphasized that intensive training before doing strenuous activities is proven to have a positive impact on the body because when training, the body produces hormones that are good for the body.

Meanwhile, Prof. Francis emphasized the importance of correctly implementing physical education at the primary and secondary levels. This point can encourage everyone to be able to maintain health and fitness. Several studies on physical fitness in the healing period of Covid-19 sufferers in Europe prove there are still many opportunities for research collaboration related to physical education. (Author: Sinta, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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