Indonesia is an agricultural producing country with main excellence in agriculture. In fact, it is noted that many children today lack of nutrition. Therefore, in 2013 curriculum, food nutritions are introduced to elementary school students by emerging a theme of healthy and nutritious local foods as well as other processed products, completed with nutrition facts. However, teaching in school is still using a conservative method where a teacher leads the class and students just listen and take notes.

This leads to non interactive learning process, causing students to feel less enthusiastic to engage with the class. The implication is, many students less understand the materials given in class. Indeed, thematic learning highly requires students to be actively involved, while the teacher roles as the facilitator.

Hence, a group of YSU students, namely Muhammad Muslim Machbub and Hidayati Suryaningrum from Elementary School Teacher Education, Arif Wahyu Saputro from Automotive Engineering, Ahmad Muzaki Salman A. from Informatics Engineering, and Zahrina Sanni Muhasadah from German Language Education, developed a flash-based learning medium for elementary school students to tell about Indonesian local foods.

The executing director, Muhammad Muslim Machbub, pointed out that Indonesian local foods contain adequate nutrition, such as rice and corn, with high carbohydrate content. “Six graders get in-touch with the benefits of healthy and nutritios foods,” as revealed by Machbub. “Here, they are exposed with local foods as well as nutrition facts behind it, thus students do not solely recognize types of food, but also choose foods with balanced nutrition.”

Hidayati Suryaningrum added the obstacles in learning about nutrition is lack of media that can support the thematic learning. “The use of learning media can raise motivation and stimulate students to actively learn” said Hidayati. She then argued “That is why, we constructed this learning medium”.

Ahmad Muzaki Salman explained, the learning medium is computer-assisted, using Adobe flash application. “The application is selected based on its ability to combine pictures and animation fast, thus enhancing the interactivity of the medium”, revealed by Ahmad. In accordance with the previously written storyboard, there are a number of menu to assess by users in the learning medium.

The menu available in the game includes basic competence, core competence, and indicators to achieve by students in the learning. The menu “materi kamu” contains local foods material, which is thematic-integrative. The menu “ayo bermain” includes learning evaluation in the form of game, Petunjuk (direction) about direction of using the media, and Profile which includes identity of the medium developers.

According to Zahrina Sanni Muhasadah, the goal of this learning medium is to enhance students’ understanding of local foods, particularly healthy and nutritious foods. Moreover, those students are also encouraged to keen on and consume more local foods. This flash-based learning medium has been tested in 1 Tegalrejo Public Elementary School, Yogyakarta and succeeds to qualify Indonesian Directorate General of Higher Education grant in the Student Creativity Research Program. It also passed 2015 National Student's Science Week selection in Kendari. (dedy)

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