Mr. Junichi Sakurai, a lecturer from ASO College of Automotive Engineering and Technology Japan, was amazed by the YSU students’ masterpiece which is ‘Garuda YSU’ electric car. It was stated by him when he visited YSU stand on the Indonesian International Education & Training Expo (IIETE 2017) in Jakarta Convention Center, 1-5/2/17. There are many colleges which participated in this expo.

Mr. Sakurai admired the car which competed in Japan recently. In Japan, ‘Garuda YSU’ car is ranked 30 out of 106 international participants. Mr. Sakurai said that YSU is already famous although only participated 2 times, but the car is already good. Even the masterpiece of YSU students is better than his students’ masterpiece in ASO. “Perhaps one day it can be carried out a collaboration between YSU and ASO,” continued the lecturer who had ever been the committee of international electric car competition.

Besides, the team leader of ‘Garuda YSU’, Teguh Arifin said that now the position of YSU is on rank 187 among 551 student formula teams from all over the world. Beside the electric car, YSU stand  also displayed an electric bike ‘Astro Bike’ and batik with various patterns such as culture, DNA, and chemistry. Many visitors of the exhibition were amazed and they took photos with the electric car and bike.

Rector of YSU, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA., Dirjen Belmawa Dikti, Prof. Dr. Sutrisna Wibawa, Ir. I Made Dana Tangkas, M.Si., from Indonesia Automotive Institute, also visited the stand of FMIPA. (witono)

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