Credit Transfer between Medan State University (MSU) and Yogyakarta State University will end up about seven weeks away. Therefore, MSU leaders, one of which is Vice Rector 2, Dr. Restu, M.S., had a visit to YSU for monitoring and evaluation in terms of Initial Twin Program/Credit Transfer of MSU to YSU on Wednesday (18/11/2015) housed in the Senate Courtroom, YSU.

Through his speech, Dr. Restu, M.S., showed his gratitude to YSU for such encouragement to MSU students taking Credit Transfer. "Thank you for serving our students well. Later, the results of such a cooperation will be used to evaluate our curriculum" he asserted.

The MSU representatives were accepted by the Vice Rector IV of International Cooperation and Development YSU, Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.d. "MSU students in YSU could blend well, with both the environtment and the students . It was seen from their involvement in GCF (Global Culture Festival) 8 organized by the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships, YSU", she stated.
Gilang, one of the MSU students revealed his impression during his study in YSU "We were treated very well by students and even involved in the student discussion and initiation night," he said. As a student of Civics and Law Education, he commented that the lecturers at YSU are very responsible in teaching evidenced by opportunities given to him to attend a class that does not include in the MSU curriculum.

Cooperation students of YSU are spread in Faculty of Social Science YSU amid three departments, namely Civics and Law Education, History Education, and Geography Education.

In the end, the Vice Rector 2 of MSU, Dr. Restu, M.S., asserted the reason for choosing YSU "Faculty of Social Science YSU is one of the best social science faculties in academic term, that's why we chose the faculty" he said. In addition, he also opened the opportunities for YSU to send some students for studying at MSU. "In the near future, we wait for YSU to mandate their students to study in our campus," he argued while closing the agenda. (Yuhda)

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