Tuesday morning, the students of Inpres Elementary School of Tinibil seemed really happy in Art, Culture and Skill class. Their teacher, Ageng Hening Hutomo, asked them to bring papers, scissors and color pencils they have to make some simple wall magazines.

Agung is the teacher of SM3T program (The Scholars Teaching in the outermost, diasadvantaged and frontier regions) in Inpres Elementary School of Tinibil, Oksamol District, Bintang, Papua. He teaches for eighteen students in grade four. “Now, show your poetry, pantun and short stories,” Agung asked to his students.

As the teacher, Agung drew various fruits as the picture examples. “Sir, we cannot draw that one. The fruits we know are just banana and avocado because those are the only fruits growing here,” said Imel Tepmul, one of the students.

The students, then, were divided into several groups after Agung drew the picture examples. Each of the group drew one picture example and cut it according to the picture. “Sir, we have finished our mango picture,” said one of the students while showing it.

They continued the activity by writing their works on the picture they have made. Seeing their eagerness to learn, Agung admitted that Indonesian students are all the same apart from the fact that they live in remote area. The government should provide the best quality of education for students wherever they live.

They attached their pictures and works to a paper on the wall entitled “This is my work.” They seemed really happy to have their works finished especially when the other classes’ students came and saw their works. (dedy)

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