Nurturing Pulesari as a sustainable socio-cultural tourism destination


"Environmental preservation supported by local social and cultural values can create a sustainable ecosystem," said Edi Widodo, M.Pd, in a workshop entitled "Rawat Bumi Dusun Pulesari" on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. This message becomes very important as more and more villages are promoted as nature and cultural tourism villages. Tourism village management that does not consider natural sustainability has become an essential issue in the decline of village-based tourism. Through this workshop, the UNY community service team facilitated the discussion process of residents, managers, youth, and local officials.

Aris Martiana, S.Pd., M.Si., as the head of the UNY community service team in Pulesari, stated that this workshop was part of a series of Pager Bumi Traditional Ceremonies in Pulesari Tourism Village, Turi, Wonokerto, Sleman which was held from September 11-16, 2023. The UNY team has also conducted disaster mitigation training for the Pulesari community. "Environmental preservation is part of community-based disaster mitigation. Hopefully, through these activities, the cooperation between UNY and Pulesari Hamlet will be stronger," said Aris.

After the workshop, the UNY community service team symbolically handed banyan tree seedlings to the Head of Pulesari Hamlet, Dhono Setiawan. Banyan trees were chosen because they can protect the springs in Pulesari. The UNY team hopes that more tree planting can reduce the potential for landslides. (Author: Aris/Sari, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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