The Yogyakarta State University’s students successfully introduced an electric bicycle as a new product in the field of technopreneur. The Android-based electric bike made by Dangin and others is labeled as Astrobike and it has two types, for man and woman. With the excellent build-quality and the eye catching design, Astrobike managed to attract attention at some technology exhibitions. "Astrobike was originated from the condition, that I ,as a student. do not have a motorcycle, then I tweaked my own bike to have the same ability with a motorcycle." said Dangin as the inventor.

"This electric-powered bicycle does not need to be pedaled and the system is controlled with an Android App,” as explained by Dangin at the YSU’s 52th Anniversary Exhibition "Edu FAIR" at YSU’s Sports Hall (2/05/2016). The Rector of YSU. Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA. while visiting the exhibition stand , rushed to try Astrobike around the vicinity of YSU’s Sports Hall. "We should produce many of this, making it a campus commuter bike," said the Rector shortly after getting off the bike.

The Rector’s idea clearly gave encouragement to Dangin and others, as a form of support to young technopreneurs who just start their career. "It has just been 6 months since the inception of Astrobike, so we really still at the beginning of our career and we need a lot of support from various parties," said Dangin. Not only the YSU’s Rector who paid attention to Astrobike, rectors of other universities were also interested in this bike when the bike was on display at the technology exhibition during the Indonesian Rector Forum (FRI) at the YSU’s Auditiorium 2 months ago.

The ingenuity of Astrobike is in double charging system, lock system and monitoring system based on Android App; Astrobike Apllication, and several other exceptional features. Innovation by young generation affects the progress of the nation. Technology for the sake of our country started to become the focus of Indonesia overtime. We hope all parties can come together to build the nation. (Dangin / FT)

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