UNY Faculty of Engineering always support for any positive student activities both on academic and non-academic fields. Those activities hopefully will help students to earn better insight and experience. Every year, new student’s organization management is inaugurated. For this year, hundreds of students from 15 student organization bodies in Faculty of Engineering is officially inaugurated. The ceremony was held on 27 January 2020 at KPLT hall.

The inauguration of the management of student organization of UNY Faculty of Engineering was attended by the faculty Leaders, the management of the department, as well as the supervisors of student organization. The Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni, Darmono, M.T., in his remarks revealed that after the inauguration, he hoped that all components would immediately work to carry out their duties and authorities according to the responsibilities in their respective divisions, and to prepare for major events in the future.

He also gave direction to the new management of student organization to always maintain cleanliness in the student organization building and so that each department could develop Entrepreneurship.

This inauguration was attended by students who have been officially approved by the Student Election Committee of Faculty of Engineering according to their respective positions. The new management are consist of Chairperson of Students Representative (Maulana Evendi), Chairperson of Students Executive (Muhammad Fikri Maulana), Chairperson of Himagana (Fazal Almainur), Chairperson of HMTSP (Hamid Imam Shalihin) Chairperson of Automotive Hima (Riyan Prasetyo), Chairperson of Hima Mesin (Ahmad Amanullah Robbani), Chairperson Himanika (Ardian Ibnu Setyadi), Chairperson of Hima Elektro (Andika Wijaya Dwi Putra), Chairperson of UKM KMM (Iqbal Amanah), chairperson of UKMF LPMT Phenomena (Ade Listanto), Chairperson of UKMF Sports (Dwiky Nur Prihanza), Chairperson of UKMF Matrix (Dedy Amanah), Chairperson of UKMF KPALH Carabiner (Tiyo Awaludin Maseno), Chairperson of UKMF Carnival (Hanna Erdiani Putri), and Chairperson of UNYtech TV (Anang Ma'ruf Budiyanto). (hryo; Tj.Lak)

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