Playing Table Tennis Casually and Win


The Men's Table Tennis and Women's Badminton Team of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA)UNY won 1st place in the competition held to celebrate the 58th Anniversary of UNY, which was held on Friday 13 May 2022 at the Rectorate Hall of UNY. In the final match, the FMIPA team managed to beat a strong team from FIK UNY with 4-0. In the final match, 4 pairs from both teams immediately played simultaneously, and all of them were won by the FMIPA team. Before the final, the FMIPA team also won Group A, which consisted of FIP, Postgraduate, FT, and FBS teams. Then, in the semifinals, FMIPA managed to beat FE with a 3-1.

From the FMIPA team, there was a player who caught the attention of the other players, namely Samsudin or known as Udin. The player who works as a cleaning worker in the UKBMN section is a person who is innocent and diligent in working. During his lunch break, Udin tries to make time for his favorite sport, table tennis.

From his appearance, he looks small, geeky but indifferent, and doesn't look like someone who likes to play sports. Playing without a pattern with strange strokes makes the opponent unable to deal with it. This unique playstyle is natural because Udin had never studied table tennis. He was trying to return the ball as best he could with a stroke pattern that was "unusual" in table tennis". But it turns out that this makes it difficult for the opponent to anticipate his blow. Paired with Bejo Suprihatin, a cleaner, it turned out that Udin cs was unexpectedly able to become the 1st place winner.

"I don't care  who my opponent is; the important thing is I can play the game,” Udin said before the match. And it turns out that his indifferent attitude brought him a blessing. It doesn't matter if the staff, lecturer, or table tennis master is defeated with his playing style. In every match he plays, he always gets the attention of other players and the audience because of his style of play, plus the person who often acts funny.

The FMIPA team consisted of Pranjoto, Eko Marsono, Erfan P, Hermansyah, Samsudin, Bejo S, Usman, Ali M, Nasrullah, and Mustofa. Meanwhile for the Women's Badminton branch which was held a few days earlier, FMIPA also triumphed after the Kuswari and Cahyorini pair became champions. This couple has won several competitions in the context of the UNY Anniversary. (witono, Tj.Lak)

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