Practicing Emotion Control Using Buzzer Wire Game


UNY student team consisting of Hilman Akbar Al-Hayat (Communication Science), Rangga Prayuda Artaningtyas (Electrical Engineering), Ica Soffia (History Science), Muhammad Bahruddin (Physics), Tunjung Sekar Pembayun (Management), Nurul Tiyas Septiani (Management), Stephani Mayang Puspitasari (Management), Bagas Adi Pamungkas (Communication Science) and Salsabila Nisrina Nurhani (English Literature) succeeded in providing a new experience in celebrating Indonesia Independence Day in Ketandan, Bantul. This experience occurred through the Buzzer Wire Game initiated by Rangga Prayuda Artaningtyas. "I want an Independence Day competition that is entertaining, unique, innovative, but still has educational elements," said Rangga on Monday (28/8).

In making the buzzer wire game device, Rangga explained that it was made simpler and slightly smaller to make it easier for elementary and junior high school children to play. The designed track is straight, slightly up and down, and turning. The materials needed to make the tool include 1.5 meters of copper wire, a 9V battery as a power source, one small LED lamp, one buzzer alarm, a 60 cm electric cable, and a wooden board (60 cm x 13 cm). Players must be able to carry the wire punched through the track without making the alarm sound within a specific time.

"Many people are interested in trying this game because no one has ever used it for a competition in Independence Day celebrations," said team leader Hilman Akbar Al-Hayat. Fifty participants took part in the wire buzzer game, and overall, they were enthusiastic and quite serious about playing it. The game also drains energy and emotions because it is calculated based on the longest time, how many bends the track has passed, and the maximum buzzer sounds only two times in one play. Children and adults often lose because they cannot control their emotions.

"This game is quite challenging because it does test patience and accuracy so as not to make the alarm sound,” said Vano, one of the participants. (Writer: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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