Strengthening UNY's cooperation with O'zbekiston Davlat Jismony Tarbiya Va Sport Universiteti in sports education


O'zbekiston Davlat Jismony Tarbiya Va Sport Universiteti, Uzbekistan visited UNY on Monday (29/4) in the Main Conference Room. The delegation of Uzbekistan Sport University was Vice-Rector for International Relations Prof. Zarifbayev Jasur Shavkatovich, Dean of Faculty of Management and Organizing Sports Events Komil Ziyadullaev, Dean of Faculty of Water Sports Matnazarov Khayrulla and Head of Department of International Cooperation Mukhriddin Yuldoshev.

Welcomed by the Vice-Rector for Research, Cooperation, Information Systems and Entrepreneurship UNY Prof. Margana who said that UNY is one of 21 BH state universities in Indonesia that are active and innovative. "We want to become a world-class university, therefore we establish cooperation with universities in various countries including Uzbekistan," said Margana. The Vice Rector believes that Uzbekistan Sport University can be a good partner, especially with the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences UNY will be a collaboration because several things can be cooperated such as student and staff mobility, joint research, joint publications, conferences, and so on. Hopefully, this collaboration will become an active MoU and not a sleeping MoU.

According to Prof. Zarifbayev Jasur Shavkatovich this visit is very important for his university because it is supported by the Ministry of Sports of Uzbekistan for international cooperation. "We want to work as soon as possible to implement this MoU," he said. They fully support the cooperation that will be carried out.  In this activity, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Uzbekistan Sport University and UNY as well as an MoU between the Dean of FIKK UNY and the Dean of the Faculty of Water Sports Uzbekistan.

O'zbekiston Davlat Jismony Tarbiya Va Sport Universiteti Uzbekistan is the only basic higher education institution in Uzbekistan that prepares highly qualified specialist coaches in the field of sports. In 1935, a technical school of physical education was opened in Tashkent due to the need for physical education and the need to train physical education personnel from among local people. However, at that time, highly qualified specialists were trained in cities such as Moscow and Leningrad, and talented young people had to travel to these cities to study. In 1949, the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute was renamed Nizami, and in 1951 at the Fergana State Pedagogical Institute, a faculty for training physical education teachers with higher education was established. However, the fact that young men and women began to engage in sports and fitness regularly in society increased the need for specialists. In 1955, there were only 247 specialists with higher education in physical education working in higher education institutions, schools, and sports organizations of the Republic. Therefore, the problem of training highly qualified sports coaches, sports referees, physical education and industrial physical education specialists, teachers of educational institutions, sportsmen guides, and scientific staff should be solved immediately. The biggest problem is the lack of local personnel and the slow development of physical education in rural areas. Therefore, the need to increase the movement of physical education, educate a completely new generation of specialists in terms of quality, and ensure the active participation of representatives of local communities in sports competitions became the reason for issuing Decree No. 5972 of the Union Government on August 13, 1955, and Decree No. 653 of the Council of Ministers of RSS Uzbekistan on October 27, the State Institute of Physical Education of Uzbekistan was established. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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