Teacher Recruitment for Schools in Oil Palm Plantation Areas


PT Best Agro International, which is engaged in oil palm plantations, embraces UNY in meeting the needs of teachers for schools in Central Kalimantan. The recruitment was held at IKA Building of UNY, Thursday (12/1). According to the Secretary of the Directorate of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Alumni of UNY, Kristiyono, this collaboration is one of the activities in empowering UNY alumni in finding jobs. Recruitment was carried out online and offline, followed by a total of 36 people, of which 6 people followed it offline.

Human Resources Recruitment PT Best Agro International, Hendi F. Kusdinar, said this activity has been routinely carried out since before Covid-19, especially in recruiting educators. "The presence of schools in the oil palm plantation environment is the main thing because it is the need of our workers' children," Hendi said.

The school is a support so that employees and students feel at home in the plantation environment. It was informed that Best Agro has 72 schools ranging from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, and vocational school. Schools in plantations get more attention with complete infrastructure. With the diverse backgrounds of students, prospective educators must have innovative strategies for how the teaching and learning process in this school can be carried out well.

Facilities for teachers at Best Agro schools include free housing, electricity, and water. Teachers will also receive allowances, overtime premiums, and promotion opportunities with performance evaluations at the end of each year. (Author : Dedy, Editor: Ardi, Tj.lak)

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