During the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all online services including registration of new students. Someone asked, what is the proof that I have registered as a new student at UNY? For UNY new students, they can print the registration paper with their student ID on it. For those who feel that the paper is way too much, The Academic, Student, and Cooperation Bureau of UNY prepared a system so that new students can self-service to print temporary student ID with the same functionality as the regular Student ID Card.

The Head of UNY Academic, Student Affairs and Cooperation Bureau, Drs. Setyo Budi Takarina, M.Pd. said that in the context of following up the Rector's Announcement Number B / 417 / TM.00.07 / 2020 April 8, 2020 concerning Registration Conditions for New Students on the SNMPTN Pathway in 2020, and following up on the Rector's Decree Number 2.10 / UN34 / VI / 2020 dated June 10, 2020 concerning Covid-19 Prevention and Control Guidelines in Supporting Sustainability of Academic and Non-Academic Activities Organizing in the New Normal Order, then for new students in the SNMPTN 2020 scheme, additional announcements about making temporary student cards need to be made. Although the student card is still temporary, the card's function and student status are valid as UNY 2020 students.

Furthermore Setyo Budi said that the making of the original Student Identity Card (KTM) could not be done due to the implementation of physical restrictions (physical distancing) in order to prevent Covid-19, so students could only print Temporary KTM independently which could be printed or stored in computer storage media or cell phone. What is clear is that students can use the ID temporary ID Card as the regular one.

As a requirement to be able to print Temporary KTM are as follows: a. students have registered online at the https://registrasi.uny.ac.id page and have obtained a Student Identification Number (NIM); and b. upload a formal photo, provided that: wear a white formal shirt, wear a black tie, background color for men in blue, for women in red, the format of the photo is uploaded in the form: * jpeg, * jpg, * .gif, or * png with a maximum size of 500 kb. This temporary KTM also applies to new Postgraduate students.

Setyo Budi said: "Later the temporary KTM can be used to register mobile numbers for data package assistance for online learning. Before starting the lecture, registration will be opened to obtain data package assistance. Data package packages have been given to all students who take part in online learning. For those who have never registered or who have registered but the number is wrong will still be given another chance. To note, the registered cellphone number is an active number, the active grace period has not been exhausted, and don't enter the wrong number, just one digit of the data packet assistance can go to someone else ".

UNY S-1 new students from the 2020 SNMPTN pathway are around 1400, while 504 students of the Diploma IV Independent Selection IV are made up of 142 students who will study at the Gunungkidul campus, and 362 Wates students. Provisions regarding the making of the Temporary KTM for Independent Diploma Selection students are already available at the time of announcement No. B / 548 / UN34 / TM.00.07 / 2020 dated June 10, 2020. (Sud, Tj.Lak).

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