The vast change of the learning system forced education to abruptly adapt. During the pandemic, all institutions were obliged to speed their learning system to online. This new model has brought a significant impact on the education system, particularly on students. Many complaints and problems were raised which some of them are the lack of teacher-student interaction, less engaging materials, and students’ difficulty comprehending the subject. Concerning the issues above, the UNY students; Kemal Hakim Bachmid and Faishal Aziz Rahmat (Mechatronics Engineering Education Study Program), Khasanah Rahmawati and Nadila Putri (Elementary School Teacher Study Program), and Alifah Raihan Nur Hasanah (Indonesian language and literature Education Study Program) designed a new engaging way of learning utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) technology which focused to improve thematic learning.

Pin.Ar, an acronym of Smart and Augmented Reality, invented by the UNY students is an Augmented Reality Marker-Based application that focuses on thematic learning. "The tutorial and explanation of the features are present in the demonstration”, Faishal said. There are 4 available features on the app which are the scan marker feature, download marker book, usage manual, and about the application (credits). Students are able to access learning materials through the scan marker feature in the form of the "play" logo. After students press the play button and scan the marker, the learning materials will be seen in 3D form, animated video, and song video. In addition, Pin.Ar makes use of a camera on the device to analyze markers to capture video.

"This app can be used anytime and anywhere with a 3D image object display that can be seen directly by students," Khasanah said. Compared to books or other modules, the 3d image becomes the good point to attract students’ attention. This application can be used on Android OS at least 4.4 Kitkat which is suitable on low-RAM smartphones. However, In the present circumstances, learning materials could only be attached by the creator yet it will be upgraded in the future.

Prior to Pin.Ar, the students of class V SDN Tegalmulyo had a decreased level of understanding at the time learning was held online. However, after using this application, the results of student data showed positive changes. The interactive media used made the students become easier to understand the materials and more engaged in learning. "With this ability, this application can be developed in a wider range of levels and materials, so that it can be used as one of the effective learning media for students," said Alifah.

Muhammad Teguh Febriansyah, the 5th-grade student of SDN Tegalmulyo, said that he is pleased with the animation feature in the app and the materials are appealing. Furthermore, Trusita Claudya Putri added that Pin.Ar helped her understand learning in school way easier. "The existence of animation makes it easier for us to learn the material," said Putri. Suratman, S.Pd, one of the teachers, speculated that Pin.Ar helped his students to be more excited and facilitate understanding of the material since the materials are varied.

By using the augmented reality application-based learning media, it can overcome students’ lack of understanding, particularly in thematic during the pandemic. This innovation succeeded in funding the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs of the Ministry of Cultural Education Research and Technology in the Student Creativity Program in the field of Community Service in 2021 and passed in the National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) which held at the end of October online. This innovation is one of UNY's efforts in the sustainable development agenda to better quality education. (Dedy, Tj.Dev)

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