Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta fully supports every opportunity to equalize quality education in Indonesia. One of the domestic partners who have established cooperation in the field of Education with UNY is Bangka Belitung Province. This collaboration began with the signing of the MoU in 2017. To encourage further the implementation of cooperation between UNY and Bangka Belitung Province, on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, a Workshop on Strengthening Cooperation was held online through the Zoom Meeting.

"Today's meeting, we will exchange information, open opportunities to collaborate, complement each other. We have a common saying that we can complete great things together, progress together and win together as a partner. By strengthening our cooperation, we all become champions,” said the Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation, Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, M.Kes., representing the Rector of UNY.

Head of the Bangka Belitung Education Office, Drs. Muhammad Soleh, MM, warmly responded with gratitude for the collaboration so far, "Thanks to UNY, since 2017 we have work together to nurture prospective educators and improve teacher quality. We have 44 students studying there, with a total of 31 undergraduate students and 13 master students. Hopefully, our partnership will give future generation better education.”

Soleh believed that there are more collaboration potentials worth to developed further. Among them are sports assistance at Special Sports Schools, improving vocational school at Bangka Belitung as reliable Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) and also teaching practice program for UNY students at Bangka Belitung Province.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Margana, M. Hum., M. A. offers to increase the number of student admissions with a collaborative scheme as already in progress and expanded further through the Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) program. RPL Program itself allows those who has professional experience to earn formal degree at UNY. By doing so, it will support lifelong learning. Meanwhile, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni, Prof. Dr. Lantip Diat Prasojo, S.T., M.Pd. welcome the opportunity of sending students who will be deployed to help develop the potential that exists in Bangka Belitung Province in the future. (Pras)

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