In order to promote culture, traditional customs, and Islam in Thailand, while stimulating economic growth in the area of southern Thailand, the city government of Mueang Yala organized the annual agenda of Melayu Day of Yala on 12 to 14 February 2016. Melayu Day of Yala has been held three times in the city. Some neighboring countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia were reported to attend the agenda. In this event, the Yogyakarta State University (YSU) is one of the universities that represented Indonesia on the agenda. The event was also attended by the Mayor of Yala, Yala Deputy Mayor as the chief organizer of the event, as well as the Indonesian Consulate in Songkhla.

Melayu Day of Yala was held at the White Elephant Field (Sanam Chang Pueak), covering the display of academic skills of students who are competitive, clothing, kosher food, and cooking demonstrations. In addition, the event also featured an exhibition followed by various agencies, including the Indonesian Consulate, Yala Rajabhat University, School of Science Foundation and the State University of Yogyakarta for 3 days. YSU used the opportunity to promote the program of study while offering undergraduate and graduate scholarships for some courses.

In addition to the exhibition, art and dance performances were held for 2 days.The dance shown on February 13 or the second night of Melayu Day of Yala was Rama Hunting Deer performed by Supriyadi Hasto N. as Raden Rama Wijaya, Diah Margaretha Tiofany as Dewi Sinta, and Evi Widyoningsih as the Deer, Anoman Indrajit dance by Supriyadi and Kuswarsantyo, as well as the Malay-origin Zapin dance from Sumatra by Evi Widyoningsih and Margaretha Tiofany Diah. Dances performed on the third night were namely Ayun-Ayun Puppet dance by Diah Margaretha Tiofany and Evi Widyoningsih, as well as Bambangan Cakil dance by Supriyadi, Kuswarsantyo and Margaretha Tiofany Diah. In addition to display of traditional dances, the committee also invited all participants to attend the city tour around the town of Yala .

Tiofani, a student of Department of Dance Education YSU stated, "I am grateful for the opportunity to work and carry out such a noble task". She also suggested that in the coming years, the coordination between the teams with the organizing committee and inter-personnel needs to be improved. (Wulan)

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