UNY shares the spirit of maintaining health and strengthening social resilience in Kulon Progo


UNY celebrates its 60th anniversary with various activities, one of which is a healthy walk and social service in Kulon Progo on May 5, 2024. "The activities that we hold are part of UNY's commitment and dedication in the framework of the 60th Anniversary of UNY. Let us use this activity as a momentum in exploring and the first step of the golden village program that will be held for the next one year in the Terbah and Serut Pengasih hamlets. Through this program, UNY will prioritize Pengasih Village in various activities such as PKM, research, and institutional collaboration. Hopefully, this activity can improve the quality of human resources and provide opportunities for Pengasih residents to develop by utilizing the facilities provided by UNY," said UNY Rector, Prof. Sumaryanto.

The Head of Pengasih Village, Haryono, S.Pd., welcomed and thanked UNY for the implementation of social service activities in Pengasih Kulon Progo Village. "We welcome this social service activity as part of the establishment of UNY's golden village program in Terbah and Serut Hamlets of Pengasih Kulon Progo. Let us make good use of this opportunity, increase cooperation, and be able to actively participate in each program. Hopefully, this activity can run well according to what UNY expects and provide benefits to the community in the scope of Pengasih Kulon Progo Village," said Haryono.

Meanwhile, Plt. Head of the Kulon Progo Regency Community and Village Empowerment, Population Control and Family Planning Office, Drs. Jazil Ambar Warsan, expressed his gratitude for UNY's dedication and service to Kulon Progo Regency. "Hopefully, the presence of UNY can make economic growth in the region increase," he said.

In this social service activity, UNY handed over educational aid packages, literacy and stunting prevention aid packages for children. In addition, UNY also held free health check services in the form of cholesterol and blood sugar check services by the Faculty of Medicine UNY, affordable food bazaars, and a healthy walk for the general public. (Author: Panji & Ahmad, Editor: Dedy, Tj.lak)

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