Walitelon Utara village officially open “Kampoeng Dolanan Walitelon Utara” (Walitelon Traditional Game Village) Sunday (4/8). The event was held at Papringan Walitelon Utara, Temanggung. The soft opening was held in order to introduce the Walitelon Utara Village to the community, especially Temanggung Regency as a traditional game based village or dolanan.

Kampoeng Dolanan Walitelon Utara has taken egrang (stilts) as a featured game. To give more engagement to this game, there are several egrang competition held for elementary school level, junior high school level and general level. Along with the egrang competition, visitor also enjoy various art performances from residents of RW 1 to RW 9, Walitelon Utara Village. There are various dances staged including Topeng Ireng Dance, Warokan, Gedruk Dance, Mendat Mendut Dance, Gebyar Dance, and Jaran Kepang Dance. There is also marching bands.
There are 37 students of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta who are members of the thematic community service program  of Walitelon Utara village Regency are involved in preparing the soft opening. Students from team K116, K117, K118 and K119 giving the support on making general decorations, road decoration, and being the performers in Topeng Ireng Dance.   In his remarks, Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, Secretary of Institute of Research and Community Service UNY explained that the involvement of UNY students in the soft opening was part of university support for the community. "Now we meet in the frame of community service," he said.

 "This is indeed the implementation medium that has been obtained by KKN students during their studies, and all the way up to the realization of launching everything can be poured out by KKN students with their respective competencies, so that by maximizing the abilities of each of the various from various study programs it can be giving a lot of colors in Kampoeng Dolanan which finally received various appreciations from various parties," Faidillah Kurniawan, who became the Field Advisor of the Thematic Community Service Community Study Program in Walitelon Utara, said.

This event get positive appreciation from visitors. “The concept is good. By presenting local cultures and traditional old game, hopefully today children will preserve our traditional game. It will be great to turn this event annually or even quarterly," Indra Agung Prabowo Jati commented. (Analisa Y. W.)

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