YSU Fashion Show ‘Diverchilagho’

YSU Fashion Show ‘Diverchilagho’

Juniors of YSU Fashion Department held a fashion show entitled “Diverchilago’ which stands for Diversity of Archipelago. Pramanda, the chief of the committee, explained that the theme tries to bring up the rich and diverse natural resources in Indonesia. “We care about our rich natural resources and we want protect, preserve, and promote them in the form of party outfits,” she said.
The show exhibited 100 fashion items designed by students enrolled in Fashion Management and Couture classes. They The students prepared everything from designing to exhibiting their works.
Afif Ghurub Bestari, the lecturer in charge, affirmed that the students were are challenged to create exquisite works and walk on the catwalk to exhibit their own works plus organizing the show.
“This year’s fashion show required them students to design outfits in three categories namely women, men and children outfits. The ideas have to be fresh and different including reflecting mascular, technological, primitive, fungi and installation shapes,” he added.
Deviding the students to work in different categories is aimed at developing their skills in teaching modelling. In this event, new models participated were those trained by the fashion department students.
In general genereal the works were devided into cocktail dress and evening dress categories. The best performance was won by Ayuni Ratri and the favourite design went to Nurmalia Widiastuti. Meanwhile, Riskiyah won the best designed category.

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