YSU to Hold Selection for Prospective Students in Lombok Tengah

YSU to Hold Selection for Prospective Students in Lombok Tengah

As a university leading in teacher education, YSU invites local governments in Indonesia to send selected students to this university. Therefore, Thursday (30/04/2015), YSU was visited by representatives of Education Regional Office of Lombok Tengah to discuss the selection for the prospective cooperation students.
“This is the third time we visit YSU after an MoU signing in July 2014. Now, we pursue the implementation of our cooperation program,” said H. Lendek Jayadi as the deputy for Secondary Education of Lombok Tengah in his speech in Senate Meeting Room of YSU. He reported the quota request for the prospective students funded by Loval Government of Lombok Tengah.
From 39 quota requests, 31 quotas were approved by YSU. “The quota depends on study program quota in YSU. Each study program allocates only two quotas for students for the cooperation program,” Dr. Paidi, M.Si. said.
The discussion, then, was held to reach agreements on the selection process for the prospective students for the cooperation program, namely for the place, time and cost for such selection process. “The selection will be held on 5 July 2015 in Lombok Tengah, whereas the cost will be borne by Local Government of Lombok Tengah” Dr. Paidi, M.Si responded.
This cooperation program is hoped to attract numerous students in Lombok Tengah to enroll at YSU. Consequently, it will increase the minimum standards of the selection process to find the qualified prospective students. (KUIK)

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