150 Foreign and Local Students Enliven International Night Festival


Organized at Auditorium of Yogyakarta State University (YSU), International Night Festival on Tuesday, 10 November 2015 lighten the atmosphere. This agenda is part of the 8th Global Culture Festival hosted by the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships, YSU. More than 600 visitors burst into the room. The event presented a drama entitled “Playing under the Moonlight” by international students. As the drama was running, several other local and international culture performances intervened. Approximately, 30 countries and 20 provinces/regions in Indonesia took part in this culture show.

Drs. Wardan Suyanto, M.A., Ed.D as the Dean I of YSU, opened the event while asserting “This Global Culture Festival could broaden knowledge to every one, increase love to our culture while respecting other culture”.

Irina, one of international students from Russia, looked elegant in a red dress. He played a role as the MC, accompanying Omar Dhaniswara, an announcer at RRI Pro 2 FM, Jogja. Speaking in Bahasa Indonesia fluently, she expressed her amazement toward the high anthusiasm of the spectators. Even more, she performed a Russian song with her partner to cheer up the stage.

International Night Festival that night is the first agenda of the 8th Global Culture Festival. On Thursday (12/11/2015), there would be International Day Festival and International Parade held in YSU Sport Stadium. (Adi)

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