Academic Orientation for 698 Professional Teacher Candidates Batch 1 Year 2024


"Participants of the Professional Teacher Education Program are expected to have harmonious, and balanced outputs. I hope that the participants of this program not only have cognitive and psychomotor competencies, but also affective," said UNY Rector, Prof. Dr. Sumaryanto, M. Kes., AIFO at the "Academic Orientation for Batch 1 2024 Teacher Professional Education participants". There were 698 students from 16 fields of study attending this activity.

Director of DPPK UNY Prof. Dr. Erwin Setyo Kriswanto, M. Kes., AIFO. said that this academic orientation aims to provide an understanding of a growth mindset. With a sense of a growth mindset, students are expected to improve their competence.

This academic orientation activity contains various materials, including Program Introduction, Curriculum, Learning System, Teacher Professional Ethics, and Educational Psychology. This academic orientation activity is expected to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Professional Teacher Education Program. Thus, students can prepare themselves well to take part in this program and be able to become qualified professional teachers. (Author: Aziza Puspadewi Safitri, Editor: Prasetyo Noviriyanto, Tj.lak)

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