Anthony Fioren H, Mohammad Damarjati P and Syukron Abdul A succeeded in making an age detection application through facial photos. Anthony Fioren stated that they used training data in image data of a human face with age information from the face to train a computer to recognize the age and gender of a human face. "To determine gender and age from the image, we use algorithms and digital image processing methods," he said. It works to extract parts of the human face in the image and then process it so that the output issued is the age and gender.

Mohammad Damarjati added the first step in data processing using face extraction, data splitting, and image augmentation. "The modeling uses ensemble snapshots because it can store several models at once in one training process," he said.

Prediction of a person's age can be known through images with the help of machine learning. The model used in age prediction is the snapshot ensemble model, which provides better results by providing a smaller MSE value than the individual CNN model. This work won third place in the Big Data Challenge, one of the fields in the Statistika Ria dan Festival Sains Data (SATRIA DATA)  organized by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) of the Indonesia Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology at the end of last November. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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