Bimasena team from the Division of Design (DRB) Technology Engineering Student Activity Unit YSU ranked 6th from 26 participants in the event Bridge Design Competition. The competition took place at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (4-5 / 03-2017). Besides landing the 6th rank and the 5th runner up, Bimasena team also ranked two in the category of favourite bridge with the highest number Facebook Like and the Best University.

The result was satisfactory, because this is the first time a team of Division Design YSU joining international competition after some time winning at the national level.

Bimasena team consists of Sahril Affandi (Civil Engineering and Planning Education 2014) and Ermalia Nur Hidayah (Civil Engineering and Planning Education 2015) under the guidance of Lecturer in Civil Engineering and Planning Education, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, Darmono, M.T. and Faqih Maarif, M. Eng.

Sahril Affandi recalled that in Bridge Design Competition, the participants were asked to design a mini bridge to implement the structure and strength of the real bridge. "We were asked to make direct bridge at the site of the competition with balsa wood, nylon thread, and glue," he said.

"Despite the preparations took only 10 days, our team can assemble various models of bridges and choose the model with the best power by way of a test of strength for each model of the bridge," he added.

Bridge Design Competition 2017 itself is an annual competition that competes the creativity of students at universities and polytechnics in ASEAN countries to design a balsa wood bridge that is sturdy and has a lightweight construction with a duration of 5.5 hours.

The largest percentage of votes seen from the strength of the bridge that is the magnitude of the ratio between the weight of the bridge and the load which can be tolerated. Other ratings include presentations, aesthetic aspects and economical aspects.

In the category of universities, Bridge Design Competition 2017 this year was followed by nine teams from Indonesia, two teams from Malaysia and 13 teams from Singapore, among others from UI, ITB, UGM, UNY, University of Nottingham Malaysia, NTU and NUS. (Team RB / haryo)

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