Batik Motif of Telang Flower by UNY Students Ready to Go Global


Telang flowers can grow as ornamental or wild plants with single blue-purple petals. Apart from being an ornamental plant, telang flowers have been traditionally known as an eye medicine and purplish-blue food coloring. This plant has different names in each region in Indonesia, such as in Sumatra called lentil flower, in Java called teleng flower, in Sulawesi called talang, and in Maluku called bisi flower. Telang flower is the most popular edible flower at the moment. Telang flowers are famous for being dried before being consumed as a tea. Telang flower tea is a beautiful dark blue color, usually mixed with lemon juice so that the color becomes purple. However, Wika Arwati Putri, a student of the Faculty of Language, Arts, and Culture UNY, telang flowers became an inspiration for the development of batik motifs for adult women's clothing. 

Wika designed batik with telang flower motifs on various adult women's clothing such as crop tops, cardigans, outers, vests, and blouses. A blouse or shirt is a loose-fitting upper-body garment previously worn by workers, women, and children. "Blouses or shirts are usually worn gathered at the waist so that they hang or are loose," she said on Wednesday (12/4).

The craft education student developed a stylization related to telang flowers as the basic idea for creating batik motifs for adult women's clothing. Then, they designed alternative sketches of batik motifs to be made and made patterns from the selected sketches to reference the realization of batik works with telang flower motifs. The design stage is based on the results obtained in the stylization stage. Then the results are visualized in the form of sketches and alternative designs to find the possibility of developing a form of batik motif design. Sketches must present the intended idea and get some of the best batik motif designs from several alternative designs, which will later be realized into a work of art. "Thus, we can get a new and original batik work. The motifs designed are the blooming telang flower motif, withering, seeds and leaves of telang flowers," said Wika. Creativity is still being developed from these four motifs by combining them with other objects, such as the telang flower butterfly or the telang seed butterfly.(Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.lak)

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