Encouraging the improvement of soft skills of UNY students through Student Extracurricular Awards (PEM)


New UNY students from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences attended the Student Extracurricular Award Workshop (PEM) on September 19, 2023, at the UNY Auditorium. A total of 984 new students participated in this activity. Dr. Cerika Rismayanti, M.Or., Drs. Pujiwiyono, M.Pd., and Laila Nurul Himmah, M.Pd., from UNY Student Affairs attended as speakers.

"This Student Extracurricular Award is a new thing. I am sure that by participating in extracurricular activities, students will still graduate within the period provided and later, all will become successful people. You have to accumulate the various learning that you do. A collection of learning activities on and off campus must be done to achieve maximum achievement. Therefore, the lecturers are ready to guide students to the peak of their respective achievements," said Prof. Dr. Ariswan, M.Si., Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY.

"PEM is the credit of activities that can be included later when students follow the lecture process after participating in various extracurricular activities or achievements. This is a graduation requirement for undergraduate and applied undergraduate students," said Dr. Cerika Rismayanti, M.Or.

The categories of extracurricular activities in PEM UNY include: 1) competition and entrepreneurship; 2) organization, leadership, interests, and talents; 3) community service; and 4) internationalization/conferences. Students must participate in at least two activities from 2 different categories, for example, competition/entrepreneurship. The minimum PEM credit is ten credits per semester. It can be fulfilled in the following semester if it has not been achieved. The total PEM credit of UNY during the study is at least 80 credits for undergraduate and applied undergraduate programs.

"Through extracurricular activities, students will gain experience and knowledge from the planning stage process, administering extracurricular activities every semester, which will ultimately improve students' soft skills," said Dr. Cerika Rismayanti, M.Or. (Author: Witono, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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