Enriching UNY students' soft skills through the Language and Culture Training Program


"UNY students who will participate in internships abroad must become ambassadors of Indonesian culture and at the same time become the face of UNY internationally. Therefore, the candidates for this program must pass this language and culture training program. When you are abroad, you must be disciplined in your work, establish good communication, and behave well," said Prof. Siswantoyo as Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs in the "Launching of Japanese, German, and English Language and Culture Training Program" on March 13, 2024.

This program will help UNY students to improve their language skills in Japanese, German, and English. "Based on the evaluation results in 2023, there are quite a lot of internship opportunities abroad, such as in Malaysia, Hungary, Australia, Germany and Japan, but many students do not pass the interview selection due to language barriers. Through this training, the participants not only have the opportunity to improve their foreign language competition, but also gain cultural knowledge so that they can minimize culture shock during their activities abroad," said the head of UNY's community service and intership unit, Dr. Yudanto.

The interest of UNY students to join this program is quite high. For the program held from March 13 to June 13, 2024, there were 823 applicants. "We finally had to make a selection and currently 221 students from 80 study programs have been selected," he said. (Author: Sudaryono, Editor: Prasetyo, Tj.Lak)

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