Four Constructive Ideas for YSU

Four Constructive Ideas for YSU

As an education university which is on the move to world class university, YSU has a tradition to accept any constructive suggestions and criticisms. The eagerness to reform was reflected in a meeting on Thursday (26/02/2015) in YSU Main Hall which was full with YSU high achieving students. Four of them, i.e. Purwoko H. Santoso, S.Pd. (Physics Education), Dheni Purwanti, S.Pd. (Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program), Mohamad R. Fata, S.Pd. (Mechatronics Engineering Study Program), and H.B.A. Jayawardana, M.Pd. (Master Program of Science Education) presented their suggestion papers to the audience.

As the first presenter, Purwoko presented a paper entitled Laboratorium Terpadu dalam Meningkatkan Sinergitas dan Kualitas Penelitian UNY (Integrated Laboratory to Improve YSU Research Synergy and Quality). “This laboratory is hoped to cover all fields of research in YSU, namely: Languages and Arts, Sciences, Social, Economics, Sport Sciences, and Engineering. In addition, it could be a center for inter-faculty students to conduct various integrated researche,” he said.

The next presenter was Purwanti suggesting a more integrated system for libraries in YSU to provide an easy access for references. Therefore, she presented a paper entitled Perpustakaan Fakultas dan Universitas yang Terintegrasi Secara Online (Online Integrated Faculty and University Library). “An online integrated library system will facilitate students to find books or collections accurately in every YSU library. Moreover, it will lead to effective library management,” she said.

In line with Purwanti, Fata presented her paper entitled Integrasi Website Siakad Berbasis Mobile untuk Meningkatkan Kedisiplinan Mahasiswa UNY (Mobile-Based Siakad Website Intergration to Improve YSU Students Discipline. He hoped for YSU Academic Information System (Siakad) which covers mobile-based class schedules, class tasks, student presence, and academic calender information. “The mobile system will facilitate students to manage their academic activities and their extra activities,” he explained.
Jayawardana as the last presenter presented her paper entitled Penguatan Karakter Peduli Lingkungan Civitas Akademika UNY Melalui Budaya Go Green (Go Green Character Improvement of Civitas Academica of YSU). He elaborated a topic on YSU as a green campus. “This university should commit to taking action on green issues,” He explained. (Rony)

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