Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta always supports various efforts to improve access to quality education. One of the vulnerable groups who experience difficulties in accessing education is students who drop out of college because of financial difficulties or the study period that has exceeded so that they drop out. To answer this problem, the government has opened up opportunities through the Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) Program. Based on a decree from the Directorate of Learning and Student Affairs No. 3514/E2/PB.04.02/2021, there are 54 study programs at UNY that have obtained government approval to implement Past Learning Recognition Program. To manage the program successfully, UNY held a coordination meeting on Saturday, July 17, 2021.

“Past Learning Recognition Program aims to provide opportunities for the community to learn lifelong through formal education at the Higher Education level. And the government has agreed to provide assistance to register for free at designated universities and provide tuition subsidies in the first semester,” said Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Margana, M. Hum., M.A.

The Past Learning Recognition program is opened for everyone who has graduated from high school or the equivalent who has work experience to be able to continue on the Bachelor program. For Diploma graduates or those have attended college but not completed or those who have work experience to be able to continue on the Bachelor program. For undergraduate graduates and have attended lectures in the Master’s program but did not finish, both those who have work experience and those who do not to be able to continue on the Master’s program. (Sud, Tj.lak)

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