"Non-formal Education as a sub-system in Indonesia's national education system has played a dual role both in educating and teaching in the context of educating the nation's life. In fact, non-formal education does not only carry out aspects of teaching. More than that can be achieved if the government has the same attention, both in school education and non-formal education, "said Dr. Wartanto, Secretary of PAUD-DIKMAS (Early Childhood Education-Society Education) in the Public Lecture attended by UNY students of non-formal education study program. The theme for the lecture is “the Role of PAUD DIKMAS in Realizing Indonesia's Competitive and Character Man Power.

The lack of attention to non-formal education occurs due to several reasons, partly because the people who designed the education strategy did not see the reality on how the problem of dropping out occurred. Dropouts occur not only because of economic factors but are also faced with the fact that after finishing school many students become unemployed, added Wartanto.

In front of UNY students. Dr. Wartanto with Drs. Eko Sumardi, M.Pd, Head of BP PAUD and Dikmas Yogyakarta revealed that the role of non-formal education in the national education system in the context of educating the nation's life requires the willingness of the determinants to pay attention to those who are not fortunate in their education. Non-formal Education teaches those who are not taught by the school system. That is why non-formal education was not created to rival but to support the school system. Non-Formal Education opens various types and patterns of education and teaching for anyone who does not get the opportunity in the path of school education, as well as for those who have participated in schooling programs but still need additional knowledge, skills and attitudes not obtained in the school track. (Ant; Tj.Lak)

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