Saga Independent Gymnastics Makes the Elderly More Independent, Healthy, and Fit


Older people experience significant changes physically, psychologically, and socially. These changes certainly affect all aspects of older people's life, including health. Rifky Riyandi Prastyawan tried to develop gymnastic movements that could improve the physical fitness and psychological and social wellbeing of older people in his dissertation research. According to him, these older adults deserve a healthier life if they get the right gymnastic exercise pattern. In addition, if older people remain healthy and fit, they can live independently without depending on others. The dissertation research entitled "Development of Saga Mandiri Gymnastics to Improve Physical Fitness, Psychological Wellbeing and Social Cohesiveness for the Elderly" utilizes simple movements often done by older people.

Gymnastics Saga Mandiri is an exercise for fitness and includes aerobic exercise. The advantage of Gymnastics Saga is that the combination of gymnastic movements is based on daily movements for older people. Positive affirmations are given in the movement to impact the psychological wellbeing of older people. In gymnastics, there is music, the frequency presented in movement and effectiveness. There are warm-ups, cores, and cool-downs that want to achieve a degree of fitness in gymnastics have been arranged. The rhythm and tempo have been determined so that older people are fitter.

Elderly fitness is a concern, and psychological wellbeing and some independent saga movements have social cohesiveness and interaction with hand-in-hand movements with healthy, strong, and happy affirmations. It is hoped that by exercising together, interactions can be established. Positive affirmations are good for many people. Saga Mandiri Gymnastics has been tested effective through product effectiveness tests and has gone through limited trials and expanded trials by experts and potential users.

The continuation of this dissertation is the dissemination of product introduction. In addition, a video of the gymnastics tutorial has been uploaded on the YouTube channel, and a Saga Mandiri Gymnastics guidebook has also been prepared. (Author: Sinta, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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