Students of the Faculty of Social Science, Yogyakarta State University (UNY FIS) followed the International Student Program Development Project or Sit at Kasetsart University in Thailand. The activity aims to provide an opportunity for FIS UNY students to gain knowledge about the academic culture, lectures, student activities at Kasetsart University of Thailand (29 / 10-13 / 11). Participants of this activity were selected students from FIS UNY selected by U2IK FIS UNY namely Ersyah Yulia Nur (History Education 2015), Syarifah Aini (History Education 2014), Rahmat Hidayat Asri (Communication Science 2014), Ratna Dewi Wulandari (Education Social Sciences 2014), Ghoffar Amin (Geography Education 2014), Fanin Ari Proyono (Sociology Education 2014), Zulfah Nuraini (Public Administration 2015), and Rahmadiyah Suciaty (History Science 2015).

FIS UNY student’s arrival was greeted by the dean, faculty and some students from Kasetsart University of Thailand. "This event was preceded by a campus introduction with facilities such as bus campus without any fare. In addition, Kasetsart University of Thailand introduced their campus’ excellence which was agribusiness products with good quality "said Ersyah.

The students attend lecture about Thai History with Lalita Hanwong, Ph.D. After the lecture, the students had the opportunity to visit the Grand Palace and Wat Pra Si Rattana Satsadaram. Grand Palace Bangkok is a large and graceful building, which continues to amaze visitors with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail, all of which respect and are proud of the creativity and expertise of Thai people. To this day, the Grand Palace complex remains the spiritual centre of the Kingdom of Thailand. “Grieving momentum at the Grand Palace is seen, characterized by the use of black or white clothing also there is a black ribbon signs of grief" said Yoko.

Yoko added, in the Grand Palace there are also Royal Reception Halls. The hall is currently used for important ceremonial occasions like the coronation of King. The room also contains antique throne hall, used before western style. Visitors are allowed to enter into a spacious reception room of European-style or Grand Palace Hall (Chakri Maha Prasat). In addition, there is also an impressive Dusit Hall, the architecture building is rated as the best in this architectural style, as well as a museum that has information on the restoration of the Grand Palace, a scale model that has many Buddha images. "Currently, there are special regulations that must be met when visiting the Grand Palace that visitors must use a black or white clothing as a sign of mourning and homage to the King of Thailand. As the mourning situation, visitors then are not allowed to take any photos of the place. Only certain places and angles are allowed to be taken "he explained. (Ersyah / Eko)

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