Teachers of Asia Education Foundation, Australia visited the Faculty of Educational Sciences of Yogyakarta State University.












They were 15 teachers from Elementary to Secondary Schools in Australia, members of the Asia Education Foundation joining this visit. Their main agenda during this visit was to explore the language teaching area of Bahasa Indonesia, and learn the educational system, curriculum, facilities, and resources. Before visiting the faculty, they did school visits to several elementary and secondary schools in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. After going to Yogyakarta, they also planned to visit West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. Robert Skillem as the leader of the teachers said that as the third democratic country in the world, Indonesia has its diveristies in religions, tribes, and cultures which could be used as learning materials, especially in Australian education. During the discussion, the teachers learned how the Indonesian educational system is run. Vice Dean 1, 2, and 3 and some other lecturers of the faculty took part in the questions and answers session. The teachers’ main questions were about religious education for the students, as well as the application of Pancasila in the Indonesian education system. Robert also compared the salary range for Australian teachers to Indonesian teachers. The results of the discussion will be used for Australian students as learning resources for language, sosial sciences, culture and arts, history, geography, civic education, religion, and business economics. (ant)

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