The students of YSU who joined the team of YSU Students’ Activity Unit of Research, Rifaldy Fajar (Mathematics Dept 2014), and Rini Winarti (Biology Education Dept 2014) recently achieved two gold medals at the event of The Egyptian International Invention and Innovation Exhibition (EGYPTINVENT) 2016 in Cairo, Egypt, taking place on 8 – 10 March in El Gezirah Youth Center. This annual event was held by the Association of Egyptian Inventors Syndicate (EIS) together with World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA), Ministry of State for Youth Affairs of Egypt, Egyptian Society for Woman and Youth Inventors (AAEWI) and Beni Suef University.

The participants were hundreds inventor from many countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, USA, Bosnia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, and many countries in which the participants were allocated into many areas of expertise with the professional judges who were competent and representing some of the world research associations.

The YSU’s team who was at that time represented by Rifaldi and Rini belong to the Health class with the innovation specification of Cytotoxic Testing Results of Ethanol Extract of Fractination Carica Dieng Seeds (Carica candamarcensis) toward T47d Breast Cancer Cells Using MTT Method, meanwhile that of Rifaldi was Mathematical Model and Stability Analysis on the Spread of Disease of Gonorhoe. This class was a difficult challenge due to the rivals were the Top 100 innovations in the world that have been selected by the committee. Their team previously received a grant from the committee in the form of free registration, thanks to their innovation that managed to be selected in the top 100 and deserved to represent Indonesia in EGYPTINVENT 2016. Not only did they receive the gold medals, they also got The Best Presentation for Health category.

This championship took the concept of exhibition and presentation where every invention got a table alongside with a judge in which the question and answer session was in English. The equipment that they had to prepare were poster, brochure, article and the invention product. The judges from various countries visited every table and asked questions to the inventors. The description of the work, the excellence of the work, the implementation and the patent of the product became the highlight of the judges.

On their journey, Rini and the team always encountered many obstacles such as time management between them, trial and error, and the preparation. However, for them, the obstacles were challenge that they had to overcome together because teamwork is a dominant deciding factor. She hoped that all the academic circle of YSU and Indonesian students always strive to give a great contribution for our country. Rini and the team expressed their utmost gratitude to YSU, Indonesian Embassy in Egypt, Indonesian Students Association in Egypt and the sponsors who have supported them from the beginning of the research until the success in this competition. Hopefully, their inventions would be developed further for the welfare of the country. (rifaldy)

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