Upon completion of the Internship Program of the Faculty of Sport Sciences YSU with the Universiti of Malaya (UM), Cecelia Roannie, student of Exercise Faculty of Sport Center Universiti of Malaya Malaysia, gained more insight and knowledge at the FSS YSU especially in Physical Therapy Massage. Moreover, Cecelia claimed that she has got a lot of knowledge and experience that is 'totally new' during the Internship Program since 5 September 2016 until February 12, 2017. According to her, nowadays in Malaysia Physiotherapy is often found, unlike massage therapy that she got at FSS YSU. During the internship at FSS YSU, Cecelia worked under the guidance of Dr. Ali Satia Graha, M.Kes. AIFO in getting debriefing on the theory and practice in Physical Therapy Clinic FSS YSU. "Being part of FSS YSU also provided additional knowledge regarding how to interact, serve, and explain something to someone else," said Cecilia.

Moreover, according to Cecelia the lecture system in FSS YSU is very good. This is exemplified by the requirement that every student must pass certain basic sports skills to be able to take the bachelor degree. Students also received supports in form of faculty resources and sport facilities, making it easier to get a better performance. Service for the regular students and foreign students at YSU is also very good, she added.

Meanwhile, according to Dean of FSS YSU, Prof. Dr. Wawan S. Suherman, M.Ed., besides collaboration in research, internship program and the International Job Training (PKL) also became part of the internationalization of the Faculty of Sport Sciences, Yogyakarta State University. In the near future, the faculty will be sending or receiving more students from ASEAN and ASIA to exchange experiences and sport science. (satya)

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