Universiti Malaysia Pahang Visits YSU Student Cooperative

Universiti Malaysia Pahang Visits YSU Student Cooperative

As one of the big five countries with the highest population in the world, Indonesia places cooperative as a foundation for its national economy, which reflects the idea of people’s economy. This concept of people economy is also applied in the student activity unit in the form of Student Cooperative, which is also established in YSU.

Considering the opportunity to learn from each other about student cooperative, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) sent 18 students in a program to learn about cooperative management of YSU Student Cooperative and share their experience in running similar organisations. The delegates are from Kolej Kediaman 4 (Student Dormitory IV) of UMP.

The delegation was led by Encik Mohd Najib Bin Razali, the Head of the Student Dormitory IV of UMP. “We visit YSU student cooperative to learn how to manage the cooperative from its members. In addition, we also want to learn about financial management for student and society activities,” Mohd Najib said.

Ilmawan Mustaqim S.Pd.T, M.T. as an expert staff of Vice Rector for Student Affairs of YSU welcomed the delegation and hoped that YSU Student Cooperative is able to give their best service. “In this university, Student Cooperative is highly supported. Therefore, we encourage its members to boost the service,” he said.

The two university representations commit to enhance their cooperation. In addition, they also considered to hold an international competition for interest-based activities, especially among Student Cooperatives.
Before visiting YSU Student Cooperative, the UMP delegations learned some of the history of Indonesian education at the Indonesian Education Museum, which is located in the middle of YSU complex. (OIAP)

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