Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta held Disaster Preparedness Day commemoration as part of commitment for preparedness, responsiveness in preventing and reducing disaster risk. UNY Leaders and K3 team formally signing a joint commitment followed by a declaration of preparedness on 26 April 2019. The declaration led by Prof. Edi Purwanta, M.Pd as Vice Rector II of UNY. The declaration strictly stress on the importance of UNY  to prevent and reduce disaster risk by always creating  safe, healthy, orderly, clean, cool, friendly and green environment. The committee also read the Rector's Regulation on disaster preparedness.

Prof. Dr. Margana, M. Hum, MA, in his speech representing the rector of UNY said that all leaders in each unit and UNY K3 Team to have awareness and be prepared for disaster response, with the chancellor's regulatory support for disaster response preparedness, were expected to be able to implement articles of awareness which is in the rector's regulation. Margana grateful that UNY currently has K3 Team chaired by Dr. Ima Ismara, M.Pd and it is expected that this K3 can socialize what should be done in the event of a disaster.

“We once attended a national meeting in one of the Jakarta hotels, where before the implementation there was always a guideline video screening related to what was done in the event of a disaster, so we asked the Vice Rector II and the UNY K3 Team to make a video guide that was used in several the point, for example, in the Rector where should the gathering point and where the evacuation direction be included is also in various faculties, so that in the event of a guide disaster in a clear location ", Margana explained.

Drs. Sukirjo, M.Pd, Head of the General Planning and Finance Bureau in his report said that this activity was carried out based on circulations from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, the Regional Government and also BNPB to hold a joint warning on disaster preparedness on April 26th.

Sukirjo added, that this activity is in the context of Commemoration of Disaster Preparedness Day (HKB) according to the Circular of the Ministry of Research and Technology, which can be implemented in the form of apple standby, disaster simulation and socialization, in accordance with the conditions of each institution. "Incidentally, the Disaster Preparedness simulation (K3 training) was held in March, and it is expected that later the implementing team can pioneer in their respective units," Sukirjo added.

Sukirjo explained that this activity is expected to continue with real commitment in daily activities, at least starting from each of us where we start doing work by paying attention to K3, besides our concern for the environment so that it becomes part of behavior and part of being prepared.(Arbima)

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