Social distancing and physical distancing are hard choices that must be taken by each country in an effort to prevent the spread of covid-19. This policy has a negative impact on all aspects of life including the economic sector. Student whose parents were being laid off or having serious business breakdown may need support more than ever. Responding to these conditions, the Rector of state universities throughout Indonesia expressed their commitment as outlined in the press release of the Indonesian State University Rector Council No. 052 / SP / MRPTNI / V / 2020 agreed to provide tuition fee relief or tuition fees (UKT) odd semester 2020/2021.

According to the Rector of UNY, Sutrisno Wibawa, there are 5 Education cost review schemes namely (1) cost reduction Education due to parents / guardians passed away, (2) reduction in Education costs due to the parents / guardians financial problem, (3) temporary release of Education costs due to covid-19 impact, (4) waiving the cost of Education because in the even semester 2019/2020 students cannot take the final assignment research data, (5) payment of Education fees in installments. Sutrisna Wibawa further stated that the submission procedure was very easy, all of which could be done on-line via http://si-c3.uny.ac.id.

The Head of AKK Bureau, Setya Budi Takarina, on Wednesday (3/6) explained that scheme 1,2 and 4 will need to submit an application letter provided at at http://si-c3.uny.ac.id. For those included in scheme 3, it is mandatory to and fills in the progress of the final project approved by the supervisor online at http://si-c3.uny.ac.id. Up to 2 weeks before the last payment deadline. The team of verifiers validates and discusses the final recommendations for setting adjustments and is proposed to become the Rector's Decree. Then Finance Bureau will inform those who are approved to get tuition fee adjustment

With this policy, Setya Budi Takarina hopes that the spirit of mutual cooperation between universities and students or parents / guardians of education can continue to run smoothly. So,l there is no reason for quitting your study at UNY due to covid-19 (Sud, Tj.Lak).

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