UNY Hosting 2022 Upskilling Training for Teachers and Principals for Special Schools


The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing appointed Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta to host 2022 Upskilling Training for Teachers and Principals for Special Schools with partners Teacher Education Center of UNESCO Desk of the People's Republic of China and ASEAN China Center from 12 to 14 July 2022. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic Indonesia for the People's Republic of China Djauhari Oratmangun said this activity was the umpteenth time holding training with the ASEAN China Center and the first time it was held for special schools. Djauhari Oratmangun also appreciates the collaboration between China and Indonesia and hopes to increase cooperation between the two countries by bringing benefits to both countries. “This activity can also improve the capacity of human resources in Indonesia. China, with its growth, can contribute a lot to Indonesia,” said Djauhari Oratmangun, Tuesday, July 12, 2022. The Ambassador also hoped that the participants could one day visit China to learn about its culture and education.

Dr. H. Yaswardi, M. Si., Director of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbud) of the Republic of Indonesia, said the topics raised were to strengthen the capacity of qualified teachers and school principals. Collaboration is also necessary for inclusive schools where regular students join disabled students. "The number of special education teachers in SLB has only reached 70%," he said. Therefore, it is necessary for special education teachers who are facilitated through technical guidance of inclusive education with collaboration between subject teachers, classroom teachers, and special education teachers. In addition, it is essential to ensure the participants get much applicable information and knowledge.

Director General of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC) Wang Ping said the development of special education in Shanghai is outstanding. "It is important to ensure all learning goes well," he said. This training is intended for school principals and special school teachers to provide the best quality service. Because teachers also need to learn to be more innovative, especially in the field of special education. Prof. ZHANG Minxuan, Director of UNESCO Teacher Education Center, said that many schools have been established for students with special needs and provide internet for them. "They need education recovery starting from their family and social environment," he said. These students have received a lot of support from the Chinese government. Hopefully, Indonesia and other countries can become friends to understand deeper and strengthen their friendships to communicate together so that they can get a lot of information about children with special needs for a promising future.

Vice-Rector for Planning and Cooperation of UNY, Prof. Siswantoyo, expressed his gratitude for the trust of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing and the new partner of the Teacher Education Center of UNESCO to carry out this training. "UNY has collaborated in various training with the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing," said Siswantoyo. UNY, a comprehensive university focusing on teacher education, is very excited to have a new partner who also focuses on teacher training. In addition, UNY also has a Bachelor of Special Education Program, so we can further establish and explore more collaborations in these field studies, such as joint research and publications, visiting professors, internships/teaching practices, and others. The total participants were around nine hundred people, consisting of teachers and principals from special schools in Indonesia. This training is an opportunity for participants to exchange experiences, establish relationships, and discuss the role of teacher training facilitators by paying attention to changes in education with special needs, for example, the development of integrated education through the subjects taught.
Furthermore, UNY opened cooperation with institutions from the organizers and participants in this program. Conducting various collaborations in education and teaching, research and development, and community service with many institutions will undoubtedly improve the quality of both study programs and partner institutions. UNY is enthusiastic about exploring the possibility of collaboration soon to improve the quality of teachers in Indonesia. (Dedy, Tj.lak)

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