YSU to Coordinate a Training for Technical and vocational education and Training (TVET) Practitioners

The Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education Supports YSU Faculty of Engineering to Coordinate a Training Program for TEVT Practitioners

Prof. Muhammad Nasir, M.Si, Akt, Ph.D., the Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education, supports Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program which is designed for professional development of vocational education practitioners in Indonesia. It is a continuous training which will be held in Nanyang Polytechnic International Singapore. This training is coordinated by educators from YSU Faculty of Engineering.

The training will be attended by leaders, lecturers, as well as technicians from 12 Teacher Education Institutes (LPTK) which are members of Aptekindo (Association of Technical and Vocational Education Institutes of Indonesia). It will be divided into three phases. The first phase will be attended by top leaders for each Teacher Education Institute, the second one will be attended by Department and Study Program Chairmen and the last one will be attended by vocational education lecturers and specialists.

Muhammad Nasir gave his support to the Dean of YSU Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Moch. Bruri Triyono, during Brury’s visit to the office with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Jakarta State University, Riyadi, M.T, Aptekindo chairman, Dr. Eng. Agus Setiawan, M.Si., Mr. Gerald Yeo from Temasek Foundation and Mr. Foong Tze Foon from Nanyang Polytechnic International.

The minister, accompanied by his expert staff Patdono Suwignjo, Ph.D., said that human resource capacity and capability development is one of the main focuses of the ministry. “The program is in line with our vision to develop human resources,” he added.

“It plays an important role in Vocational Education and Training development area to produce better labour force. It is emphasized that there should be activities following this program to gain maximum results,” he said.

Bruri Triyono said that the team has designed a monitoring scheme so that the participants will be able to share their training to others. “We have designed a system for the participants to share their training experience to other practitioners,” he said.

“In addition, the participants are practitioners in vocational education who are responsible to develop vocational education in Indonesia,” he added.

Mr. Gerald Yeo from Temasek Foundation added that he has designed a monitoring framework to ensure the participants to share their training experience. “They must share and implement their training experiences,” he stated.

“We will visit Indonesia to monitor and review the participants after they complete the training,” he closed.

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