YSU English Camp 2014, Save the Nature, Save the Future

YSU English Camp 2014, Save the Nature, Save the Future

YSU Office of International Affairs and Partnerships has recently conducted an the third English Camp program for YSU students. The program was held in Wild Rescue Center (WRC), Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta on October 17 to 19. 2014. ‘Save the Nature, Save the Future’ was the theme for this year’s program. It was brought up as the need to preserve the environment is urgent.
Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D., the Vice Rector for Cooperation and Partnerships Affairs, officially opened this program. “In this English Camp, we expect the students to improve their skills in using English in communication. We also hope that through the activities designed, the students would increase their awareness to preserve the environment, especially how to get involved in preserving the wildlife. They need to make a difference both in using English to communicate and preserving the nature,” she explained.
50 out of 137 students enrolling for this program were selected. This year, all faculties were represented. “Each year, the number of applicants increases,” said Yuniar Diyanti, the chief of the English Camp 2014 Committee.
Group and individual activities were provided for the English lessons. The students were taught by teachers from the Department of English Education and tutors. During the movie discussion, discussions, and presentation, environmental issues were highlighted. Native speakers of English were also invited to give students real communication setting for socialising in English.
“I thank the committee for such an experience. It feels like, our new friends, we are brothers and sisters,” said Fadli Robi Mumtaze, one of the participants from the Faculty of Sport Sciences.
The program was started with a cross cultural understanding session, then continued with games, discussions, movie discussion, night performances, and a visit to the wildlife rescue center to learn about animal protection and rehabilitation. (Yuliana)

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