YSU Robot Team Dominates the Regional III National Robot Contest



Three YSU robot teams became the champions in the Regional III National Robot Contest in Ki Bagoes Hadikoesoemo Sport Hall of Universitas Islam Indonesia on 3-4 May 2013. Agnimon Team, one of the teams, became the 1st Winner of the contest.

The robot which resembles Hanoman (a monkey warrior puppet character) is able to dance accompanied with traditional music instruments and become one of many other participants which reach finish line. Therefore, it won the category of the Indonesian Art Robot Contest (KRSI). The robot equipped with 21 servo units is also able to twist his hands in a stretching position, nudge, salute, and be in half-prone position. Agnimon is also able to move forward from the half-prone position by stamped its feet fast, like when someone practices to run in a place fast.

According to the team, the key of their winning was on how they created the robot’s balance. “The movement is made based on Hanoman’s motions when flying through clouds,” Rian, a member of the Agnimon teams stated. “The Regional III National Robot Contest itself is a robot contest which combines Indonesian culture and technology. Our preparation has been started since a year ago and the making process is fulfilled in six months,” he added.

The National Robot Contest was an annual agenda of the Directorate General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture. The event which was begun with competitions in the regional level consisted of four categories, i.e. Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI), Indonesian Firefighter Robot Contest (KRPAI) Wheeled category, Indonesian Firefighter Robot Contest (KRPAI) Legged category, Indonesian Football Robot Contest (KRSBI), and Indonesian Art Robot Contest (KRSI).

In this competition, Yogyakarta State University delegated one team for each category, which had been previously selected in the university level; this year, the selection process was conducted by the Technology Engineering Club. After competing with 71 teams from 23 universities, YSU team could win 3 categories, i.e. the first winner for the KRSI category, the first runner up for the wheeled KRPAI category, and the best strategy for the KRI category. Therefore, those three teams had the opportunities to compete in the national level at UDINUS Semarang with winners of other regional levels.

“After becoming the winner in this regional level, we will prepare for the national level in 13-16 June 2013. We will try to achieve our winning for YSU,” Rian continued. Meanwhile, Andri the Head Division of Robotics of the Technological Engineering Club wished that YSU Robotics Team could get achievement in the national, even international level of competition. Then with those achievements, it was not only champion that is gained but also how much and how high the technology that we can master and it is useful for everyone. (meg/haryo)

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