YSU Students Developed “GamelanD” Interactive Game

YSU Students Developed “GamelanD” Interactive Game

Gamelan is one of the Indonesian cultural heritage which consists of musical instruments played in an orchestra. Originally played in Java, Bali, and Lombok islands, gamelan is now less popular among Indonesian youth despite its being quite popular in other countries.

Based on the need to introduce gamelan and attract more children to learn it, some YSU students created an interactive game for children and everyone who want to learn gamelan through this game. They are students from Information Technology Education and Early Childhood Education Study Programs namely Saras Mareta Ratri, Yosimi Ratna Puti Annisa, Ika Wahyu Wiranti, and Galuh Yuliasih Condrosari.

“Gamelan can be introduced to children starting from Kindergarten. Introducing gamelan is best done through allowing the children to practice playing it because their sensory and motoric skills are involved,” said one of them.

This interactive game, which is developed using  flash game programming, is named GamelanD as learning media for gamelan. It consists of introduction to gamelan such as names and shapes of instruments and problems and problems to evaluate their understanding. The instruments introduced in this game are bonang, saron, gong, slenthem, kenong, kempul and kendhang using Lancaran Gugur Gunung laras pelog notation.

This game was introduced to students at Al-Amien Kindergarten, Yogyakarta. The team also conducted research on the effect and significance of playing the interactive game on students’ knowledge about gamelan. (oiap)

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